Elisha's Mantle Web Design Award Program




Thank you for your interest in Elisha's Mantle Spiritual Healing Website Awards program. We work hard to provide a way for people to receive help in growing in the knowledge of the power of God's word, His Love, and His Spirit today.

We believe that the internet is a gift from God to provide a way to minister to the needs of people. (Our privacy Policy)

We Pray that you prosper wholely soul, mind, and spirit. and you will share Elisha's Mantle Spiritual Healing website with others.

Elisha's Mantle wants to honor your hard work with a web design award!

Judging and Scoring


Design & Creativity (Up To 40 Points)

first impression (0-4 pts) utilize space (0-2 pts)
page loading (0-2 pts) ALT tags (0-2 pts)
original designs (0-4 pts) shut off buttons for music (0-2 pts)
themes  (0-4 pts) "skip intro" used for flash intro's (0-2 pts)
color balance (0-2 pts) correct use of frames  (0-2 pts)
clear graphics  (0-2 pts) graphics uploaded correctly  (0-2 pts)
optimized graphics  (0-2 pts) lasting impression (0-4 pts)
table alignment / centering (0-2 pts)    
browser settings  (0-2 pts)    


Content (Up To 30 Points)

state your purpose clearly(0-4 pts)

disclaimer / terms of use (0-3 pts)
title for each page (0-3 pts) copyrights (0-3 pts)
headings / text teasers (0-3 pts)

grammar and spelling (0-3 pts)
writing style / clear language (0-3 pts) privacy statement (0-3 pts)
contact information (0-3 pts) family safe site (0-2 pts)


Navigation (Up To 15 Points)

user friendliness (0-4 pts)
internal & external links / targeted correctly (0-3 pts)
organized links/buttons/menus/ all matching (0-2 pts)
alternative text links option for static menus, flash menus or dropdown menus (0-2 pts)
back to top link for long pages (0-2 pts)
site map provided (0-2 pts)



Scripting & Technical (Up To 15 Points)


HTML coding checked for open tags & errors (0-2 pts)
meta tags used (0-3 pts)
1 or more features must be present to win our higher awards: java scripts, flash, multimedia, e-commerce features, icons, all in working order (0-10 pts)


Use of free hosting and or services decrease scoring (2 to 30 Points)


*The total points achieved, will determine which "Award Title" you will receive.*

Platinum sample Gold Sample Silver Sample Bronze Sample
100+ Points 90 -100 Points  80 To 89 Points  60 To 79 Points 

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